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TrailerGuard CCTV

A rapid deployable, remotely-monitored CCTV solutionGardwell TrailerGuard

The TrailerGuard (TG) built by Gardwell Secure Systems, is a rapid deployable, self-contained and remotely-monitored CCTV solution that provides a cost-effective and energy-efficient security solution for remote or temporary occasions. In the event of a mains failure on site, the unit will stay operational for approximately two days thanks to the back-up battery power unit, which is trickled charged by the integrated Solar Panels.

A high resolution, vandal resistant and fully functional Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) camera is mounted on top of a 9 metre telescopic pole and features infra-red lighting to permit recording at night up to 100 metres.

Wire-free external PIR detectors can be deployed around the site to generate alarms covering vulnerable and critical areas. Upon alarm activation, the functional PTZ camera will pan round to the area of activation and alert the Central Monitoring Station Operators that a potential intruder is on site.

PA audio amplifier for verbal warnings

The trailer comes complete with an integrated PA audio amplifier and external speakers. If a potential intruder or unidentified activity is seen on site, a live verbal warning will be given by the operators at the monitoring station to deter any nuisance or criminal behaviour and warn that images are being recorded.

Video recording

A TeleEye Transmitter/Receiver Digital Video Recorder is built in the TrailerGuard. This will record the video information 24/7 whether the system is armed or disarmed. The unit will transmit the live activations back to the Monitoring station via the 3G Network or on-site Broadband. The system is web based, so that authorised users will be able to access the system remotely and view the site using a web browser, PC software or smartphone application. (available on Iphone and Android smartphones and tablets)

Once the system is armed, any intruders passing through the PIR detection beams will trigger the TrailerGuard to alert the monitoring station, broadcasting live images from the camera to the operator.  During activations, the cameras are digitally recorded at central station as well as on site.

The benefits of TrailerGuard

TrailerGuard is mobile, quick to install and de-install and a cost effective temporary solution. Ideal for one-off events and building sites, the TrailerGuard can be moved around and re-sited without disruption. In addition its renewable energy power source, with wire-free detectors ensures compliance with green developers.